6 Quick And Easy Recipes With Yogurt That Are Excellent For Your Health

Because yogurt has a low calorific value and is filled with useful bacteria and vitamins, it is an ideal drink that strengthens bones and immune system. So if you want to improve your health, see the following ways that you can prepare healthy and simple meals with yogurt.

  1. Place a few dried cranberries and other berries in a tall glass and then fill 2/3 of it with full fat yogurt. Add a muesli with a little honey on top and serve as breakfast.
  2. Cut the avocados in small pieces, then add to lemon juice, chopped chili pepper, onion and fresh coriander. Mix all these ingredients with yogurt and serve as a sauce for different specialties.
  3. Mix the yogurt with chopped onion, mint and cumin. This blend is perfect as a topping for cooked vegetables.
  4. Make a quick pasta sauce low in calories so that you spice yogurt with chopped basil, Italian parsley and watercress. Add a little feta cheese and some chopped peppers. Stir the mixture with cooked pasta and decorate with black pepper.
  5. Yogurt can be a tasty topping for potatoes. Mix chopped onion, olive oil and lemon juice with yogurt, then put pepper and add the mixture to the cooked and cooled potatoes youth.
  6. Make yourself interesting salad so that you combine bulgur, sherry tomatoes and arugula. Make a dressing of yogurt, chopped mint, garlic and lemon juice and then pour it over the salad.