6 Beauty Treatments That Are Terrifying Bad For You

Beauty treatments and makeup are heroes that sometimes can make a big difference in the women’s live. But every time when you practice any of these beauty treatments, you are exposing yourselves to serious risk. There are many stories that can confirm that, that’s why it is good to know the following risks…


1. Faulty technique for applying pencil eyeliner can lessen your eyesight

According to a new study, applying the pencil eyeliner of water line of the eye, can lead to very bad infections, currently to blur your eyesight, and to be connected with your contact lenses, and from there to find their way directly into your eye. To reduce this risk,before use, first of all the top of your pencil eyeliner disinfect it with alcohol.

2. Long eyelashes can cause infections

Extremely long eyelashes orientate the wind to your eyes, and bring the dust into them. This contamination can cause redness in your eyes.

3. Manicure can lead to amputation of finger

It is recommended to gently pushing the cuticles of the nails to the back, but not remove them completely. Also be careful when you choose a beauty salon, because not all of them maintain a high level of hygiene.

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4. The mascara can cause infections

There is a case when a woman learned this on the hard way, so once she used too old mascara she gained an eye infection. Therefore learn from her mistake and reverse the mascara every 3 months after you open it in order to protect against bacteria that inhabit it.

5. Gel manicure can lead to cancer

You should seriously consider about the risk of skin cancer before allowing your nails to dry under ultraviolet light. If you do not want to quit this habit, at least reduce the risk so that before you go to a salon always applied a small dose of tanning oil on your palms.

6. Nibbling nails can damage your teeth and cause infections

If you often nibbling your nails, you can remove your teeth. At the same time you can easily damage the skin around the nails, and thus to allow the bad germs to settle in this area. This habit also increases the risk of colds and flu.

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