5 Ways How The Vitamin C Makes You More Beautiful

You know well the health benefits, so today we introduce the more beautiful side of the vitamin C.

These 5 treatments you can replace with vitamin C today:

  1. Healthy and long hair – instead of using different means and cosmetics, it is enough to eat food like strawberries, sweet potatoes, small red peppers … Or crumble all ingredients together and apply them to the hair as a mask. Leave it to affect for 20 minutes then rinse your hair.
  2. Surplus energy – instead of yoga and spiritual exercises, it is enough several juices rich in vitamin C during the day. Combine your favorite fruits and make your own energy bomb.vitamin C
  3. Long and well-kept nails – the nail growth can easily be improved if you consume larger quantity of vitamin C. You can prepare a bath for your hands of lukewarm water and fresh drained lemon, instead of giving a fortune for manicure.
  4. It prevents the whitlows – there is no better manicure than lemon. Vitamin C in just a few minutes will help you get rid of the whitlows without additional treatments.
  5. It erases the wrinkles – for the women in middle age is the smartest thing to take increased amounts of vitamin C and to consume it through a fresh food. Instead of using expensive creams, it is sufficient to prepare a mask of kiwi and a half of papaya which will affect in 20 minutes.vitamin C 2

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