5 Tricks Against Ants At Home

With the advent of warm days many struggling with persistent guests, ants begin with collection for winter and our home is their favorite destination. In the struggle with annoying “company” help us natural and cheap disinfectant whose smell and composition will prevent their arrival.

Thoroughly clean all the rooms in the house

The first step in fight with ants is a thorough cleaning of all areas where they gather. It is best to do this with the usual detergent and water.

White vinegar

The most famous natural disinfectant for ant is white vinegar, use it with sprayer so that you will mix equal amounts of vinegar and water in a bottle with a sprayer. Sprinkle the sites that you have noticed ants.

Powdery cimet

The track that ants move, plenty sprinkle it with cinnamon. Ants do not submit the intense aroma of cinnamon.

Common salt

A few tablespoons of common salt mix with boiling water and when it get cold put in sprayer. Salt areas prevents ants from entering the home.

Chalk or child powder

Crushed chalk and put the strips on the wall – a favorite spot for ants. The same you can do with children’s powder.


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