5 Exercises That Will Replace Gym And You Can Do It Everywhere (VIDEO)

Exercise is healthy, but requires a lot of time, place, and sometimes money. Because of the way life can often have neither the one hour training in the gym or any exercise program, especially when you know that you spend time on arrival, departure, preparation, warming and relaxing.

Nevertheless, you often go to training, you work, but suddenly comes period of saturation, when you just do not have the mental strength to the same process several times a week.

To replace the gym, and to keep the form may occasionally change the rhythm and make 5 fast, but not very simple exercises with high intensity and thus indemnify the many training.

  1. Lie – stand up – jump

  1. “High” knees

  1. Jumping lunge

  1. Tuck jump

  1. Squat jumps

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