5 Exercises that Build Muscle and Blast Belly Fat Without Ever Stepping Into a Gym

When people hear the words “military workouts”, it is normal to think about the toughest exercises possible.

Not many people have the time to dedicate it on exercising every day, but there are some of these military workouts that can be incorporated in the lives of the everyday man. Here are some:


This exercise is well known and it includes hanging from a bar with palms facing away from you and the hands slightly outside your shoulders so you can pull yourself up.

The key when you do pull ups is to keep your shoulder blades down as it will help to engage your mid-back more rather than letting the shoulders (upper traps) take over. This will also help to place the elbows into a better position taking stress off of them.

This type of exercise is excellent for building a strong back, arms, core strength and grip strength.

If you can’t do the regular pull ups, then you can do negative pull ups which are basically jumping up to the top of a pull-up position then slowly lowering yourself down to the bottom under control, the descent should take 4-5 seconds.


Push ups are the type of exercise that comes first when you think about military workouts.

The video below demonstartes some key elements when doing this exercise:


Now it’s time to talk about building the lower parts of your body. Squats are excellent for building both the lower and the upper parts if you add some load. You can either take a sandbag or a weight and start squatting.

Sit-ups / Shoot-ups

Sit-ups are the other pillar of the military workouts. Start by anchoring the feet under something then raise your chest up to your legs. The important thing to remember when doing them is to keep your neck in-line with your spine throughout the whole movement.

A step further are the shoot-ups. To do them, you should bring the chest and legs together from a lying position. Below is a video demonstrating how to do shoot-ups. If you try shoot-ups and they are too easy, try keeping your legs and arms straight throughout the whole motion and touch your fingers to your toes at the top.

Here is a sample workout routine:


  • 5 mins of light jogging
  • 10 Arm-circles each direction
  • 10 Front and back legs swings (each leg)


  • Max effort pull-ups
    3 sets of 60% of your max effort pull-ups
    (If you cannot complete a pull-up do 4 sets of 2 negatives)
    Rest 1-2 mins between sets
  • 5 Rounds of the following with as little rest as possible:
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 20 Squats
  • 10 Sit-ups or Shoot-ups


Source: www.theheartysoul.com

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