4 Tricks For Picking The PERFECT Watermelon!

One of the best fruits for refreshing during the long and hot summer days is the watermelon. It’s very tasty and great for keeping hydrated as it is mostly consisted of water.

The trickiest part of buying watermelon is picking the right one. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that can help you find the perfect watermelon.

  1. Check the field spot

You may have noticed that some watermelons have brighter patches on them. These patches indicate how the watermelon was positioned on the ground and the patch forms as the fruit ripens. If the watermelon lacks this kind of patch, do not buy it. That watermelon has been picked before it ripened.

The perfect watermelon has a dark, large field spot.

  1. Webbing

Even thought this may not look attractive on the fruit, the webbing (thick, brown, course material on the skin) indicates that it has been pollinated by bees in its early stages. The more pollination (webbing), the sweeter the fruit is.

  1. Size and weight

The watermelon should be neither too small nor too big. Average-sized are the best. As for the weight, the watermelon should feel heavy for its size.

  1. The gender

Yes, watermelon gender is a thing and it matters. The ‘male’ fruit will be on the smaller side, with a penny-sized ring on the end. The ‘female’ counterpart will be larger with a quarter-sized ring.

Female watermelon is sweeter and with less seeds, while the male is more watery.

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