4 Tips for Beautiful Skin Around the Eyes

These simple massages will restore the soft and beautiful appearance of the skin around the eyes…

To tighten the skin around the eyes, you are not required for expensive or botox treatments. There are ways to lift eyes with the help of massage for a minute.

Massages help this sensitive area of ​​skin to be corrected, the whole person to get nicer and rested look and to reach your eyes shine.

Every movement should be repeated three times, and at the same time to treat both eyes.

4 tips for beautiful skin around the eyes 1

Motion Lighting

Dub with the middle finger from temples to the root of the nose to simulate the flow of lymph.

Movement raising eyebrows

Proceed with the middle finger under the eyebrows, following the bone, and thereby to the outer corner of the eye. Complete with stronger pressure on temples.

Motion to remove dark eye circles

Gently pinching the skin under the eyes to encourage microcirculation.

Motion for relief from stress

With the help of thumbs pressing five seconds landscape of internal baskets of sight – exactly the place where starting eyelashes.

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