4 High Bun – Ideal Hair Solution For Summer

No matter what is the length of our hair, in summer all you want is to get rid of the locks that reach our neck and us further elevated temperature.

Hot summer days do not say that getting rid of the heat, so some hairstyles are perfect for this time period.

These are 4 simple high bun that you can do as hairstyle and allow the neck “to breathe”.

  1. Bun with braided

idealni-za-vo-leto-4-visoki-pundzi-1 idealni-za-vo-leto-4-visoki-pundzi-2

  1. Shaggy bun

idealni-za-vo-leto-4-visoki-pundzi-3 idealni-za-vo-leto-4-visoki-pundzi-4

  1. Twisted bun

idealni-za-vo-leto-4-visoki-pundzi-7 idealni-za-vo-leto-4-visoki-pundzi-8

  1. Elegant bun

idealni-za-vo-leto-4-visoki-pundzi-5 idealni-za-vo-leto-4-visoki-pundzi-6

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