3 Reasons Because Of Which Kombucha Is Great Source Of Beauty

The healing mushroom called kombucha originates from Asia and has been widely used in food, cosmetics and health industry. This mushroom is incredibly healthy and is consumed as a fermented beverage similar to tea.

The extract of kombucha is used in the cosmetic industry in products made for eliminating cellulite. It is also used in skin products for smoothing wrinkles.

This fungus is a great antioxidant – it successfully removes toxins and heavy metals from the organism. It also stimulates digestion, protects the intestines, reduces blood pressure, lowers blood sugar and helps with sore joints, headaches and menstrual cramps. Kombucha is a great fighter against hemorrhoids, kidney and bile stones, also acts as a natural antibiotic.

Kombucha is of a great help if you lead a stressful life since it has anti-stress properties and boosts your mood and energy.

Source: healthyfoodstar.com

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