20 Reasons Why Kombucha Is Known As “Immortal Health Elixir”

Kombucha is an incredible beverage that dates from 2000 years ago from China. It helps with joint inflammation, improves the immune system and can even fight cancer which is why it is known as the “immortal health elixir” in China.

The substances that make this drink so powerful are b-vitamins, proteins, probiotics and a high centralization of acids; acidic, gluconic, and lactic.

They have incredible effects on:

  • Improving digestion
  • Cancer prevention
  • Weight loss
  •  Energy increasing
  • Reducing joint pain
  • Cleansing and detoxification
  • Immune support

If you need further convincing on why you should include kombucha in your life then we’ll give you some very good reasons.

First of all, it contains glucuronic acid that does incredible detoxification to the body by consolidating the toxins in the body and then changing them into exacerbates that are solvent so the body can extricate them.

Secondly, it contains anti-cancer agents that incorporate vitamin E, C, beta-carotene, and different carotenoids, plus polyphenols and different mixes with cell reinforcement powers.It also ejects iron from the dark tea which helps with fighting anemia.

Oxidative anxiety hinders the immune system, but the elevated amounts of vitamin C in this solution bolster the immune system. The cancer prevention agent force ensures against cell harm, provocative ailments, smothered resistance, and tumors.

You should consider consuming kombucha if you take nonsteroidal mitigating medications like Indomethacin because these types of meds cause gastric ulcers, and kombucha is able to treat them.

Furthermore, it helps in weight lost by balancing the digestive system. It also decreases glucose levels. Studies have shown that it can diminish glucose levels in diabetic rats.

Kombucha tea can help calm blockage by restoring intestinal verdure.

It can expel toxins from the kidneys and can help patients who experience the ill effects of renal weakness.

Oxidative anxiety can damage the veins h\which eventually leads to atherosclerosis. Kombucha helps with the recovery of the cell dividers in veins. It also lowers the levels of LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol levels.

Kombucha is used when dealing with avert cerebral pains and tipsiness caused by hypertension and eliminates the toxins in the liver.

The amino acids that the kombucha contains help the sensory system and also help in managing cerebral pains, anxiety, and epilepsy.

Asthma patients are advised to consume this drink because it contains theophyline, which is a bronchodilator.

The glucuronic corrosive in kombucha can be changed over by the body into glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and different polysaccharides and glycoproteins that are connected with ligament, collagen, and liquid that lubricates joints.

Kombucha is linked to decreasing tumor rates and preventing for new tumors to be developed.

It is a great natural antibiotic and balances the intestinal vegetation and animates digestion system, which keeps the gut improvement.

To prepare kombucha at home, you will need:

  • 1/2 organic kombucha SCOBY
  • 6-7 black tea bags
  • Rubber band
  • Papertowel to cover a jar
  • 8 cups water
  • 1/2 cup turbinado sugar

Heat the water and then add the tea sacks and let steep for 30 minutes. Mix in turbinado until dissolved.

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com

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