16 Quotes on Living, Persevering and Conquering Life You Should Always Remember

16 Quotes that will help you overcome your challenges in life

You may be struggling today but that struggle will help you gain the strength for tomorrow.” – Robert Tew

Looking back at my life I see that each time I believed I had been rejected from something good, I had actually been redirected to something even better.’ – Steve Maraboli

As difficult as life may seem at times, you can always find something you can do and become successful at it.” – Stephen Hawking

Usually it’s the people who’re crazy enough to believe they can enforce a change in the world that change the world.” – Steve Jobs

Don’t worry about what lied before us or behind us, the only thing that matters is what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our logic can help us get from point A to point B but our imagination can help us get anywhere.” – Einstein

Don’t ask from God to have an easy life, ask him to give you the strength to endure a difficult life instead.” – Bruce Lee

Allow yourself to get drawn by the pull of everything you love, it will not lead you astray.” – Rumi

Believe in those that show you who they are when you first meet them.” – Maya Angelou

Normal is only an illusion, what’s normal for a spider is a real chaos for the bee.” – Morticia Adams

Letting go of what you are will help you become what you might be.” – Lao Tzu

It’s the rarest thing in the world to live because most people only exist and nothing more.” – Oscar Wilde

” Our problems can’t be solved with the same thinking that led to their creation.” – Einstein

We need to understand that life isn’t about finding ourselves, it really is more about creating ourselves.” – George Bernard Shaw

We should always go where there’s no path and try to leave a trail behind us so that others can follow.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ask yourself what makes you feel alive and do that thing. The world needs more people that have come alive.

As you can see, these quotes show that we need to focus on the important things in life. We need to focus on the things that make us happy – it’s the only way to persevere the challenges in life and overcome them. Live your life by these wise words and you will surely be happier and more satisfied.

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