15 Minutes Vaseline Facial to Get Crystal Clear Glowing Skin in Just Few Minutes!

This incredible remedy will give you the flawless skin you’ve always wanted!

Age-spots are one of women’s biggest enemies. They remind us of aging and bad skin, and this is why we all want to get rid of them!

Luckily for you, today you will learn how to prepare a remedy that will erase those nasty little spots from your face and bring out the beauty of your face.

All you need for this amazing remedy is:

  • 30 g persimmon leaves,
  • 30 g Vaseline.

Pick a few green tender persimmon leaves, wash with water and dry them under the shade. Once they are dry, grind them until they turn into powder and add the Vaseline.

With this mixture, rub the age-spots every day for 15 minutes. Rinse with water afterwards.

Even though we all have different types of skin, this remedy will fade away the spots after 10-15 days of continuous use. The secret lies in the persimmon leaves. The Chinese medicine utilizes them for their amino acids, vitamins, rutinium, tannin etc. They also have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, promote blood circulation and enhance the beauty of the skin.

The Vaseline on the other hand retains moisture and boosts the work of the persimmon leaves. These leaves can be prepared as a hot beverage as well!

The drink will provide you with the following health benefits:

  • Body cooling and thirst quenching
  • Boosting your immunity in order to fight cancer and epidemic diseases
  • Decreasing blood lipids and preventing cerebral arteries hardening and coronary heart disease
  • Softening the blood vessels and increasing their elasticity besides regulating the blood pressure
  • Acting as diuretic laxative, anti-swelling medicine and helps losing weight
  • Soothing the nerves, enhancing beauty and causing age spots to fade

Source: www.myhealthylifevision.net

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