13 Unwritten Rules That Every Man In The Suit Should Respect

There are unwritten rules about wearing a suit for men that should be respected, if they want to look elegant, rather than funny.


These are those 13 rules that every man in the suit should respect before they put it on.

  1. The width of the tie should always be equal to the width of the revers.
  2. Thinner revers are more modern , wider is “old school.”
  3. Pocket handkerchiefs suit will give you a more sophisticated look, until it is not the same color with your tie.
  4. Never select black suit instead of gray or dark blue, unless you attend the gala evening.
  5. The belt on the pants should always be in the same color with your shoes.
  6. For leisurely daytime combination, always select suit with one button in the middle.
  7. If you want to look professionally, under the suit always wear the waistcoats which is buttoned to the last button, the suit does not need to be buttoned.
  8. Always unbuttoned the suit before you sit down, if you do not want to wrinkled it.
  9. If you wear only waistcoats without upper suit, always leave the last button unbuttoned.suits
  10. Your jacket sleeves should reveal about half an inch of shirt cuff. If they don’t, try a short size instead—you could save yourself a trip to the tailor later on.
  11. Put on the black stockings for black suit, white on white, black for all other darker shades, but always make sure that they are long enough to not issue the skin when you sit down.
  12. Tie should always be in a darker shade of your shirt.
  13. The coat of the suit should always be long enough to cover the patent of your pants and your butt.

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