13 Things You Really Don’t Need to Feel Guilty About

Do you feel guilty when you do something good for yourself? It’s time to stop with it.

When you should not feel guilty in life:

  1. When you need time for yourself
  2. When you do not pick up the phone, because you need peace
  3. When you are looking for someone to listen to your needs
  4. When you are not perfect in everything
  5. When you say “no” to the moments when you feel that way
  6. When you set limits and follow them
  7. When you fight for yourself
  8. When you are looking for help and support
  9. When making a choice to protect yourself
  10. When you are not productive enough
  11. When you are overwhelmed by emotions
  12. When you take a day off from everything
  13. When you take care of yourself