100% Accurate Cancer Test! 15 Years Old Teenager Puts Cancer Industry To Shame! Must Read This!

The 15 year old teenager Jack Andraka from Crownsville, Maryland, has developed a 100% accurate cancer test that can detect deadly cancer.

The reason why Jack decided to work on such a project is the loss of his best friend to pancreatic cancer. He believed that one of the reasons that let cancer kill is late detection. That’s why he tried to create a test that can detect cancer at the earliest stage. He conducted his research at the John Hopkins University. Jack was also chosen as the Intel 2012 the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair – ISEF winner, and has won awards at numerous national and some international math competitions.

The pancreatic cancer is the 4th on the list of deadly cancers with having taken 34,000 lives so far. This enormous number is due to late detection of this disease. Plus, the cost of making a pancreatic cancer test is around $800. These tests are more than 60 years old and are wrong 30% of the time.

Jack’s test 3 cents, is 100 % accurate and takes only 5 minutes of your time by using Wikipedia and Google, which makes it 26, 000 times cheaper, 168 times faster and 400 times more sensitive.

Undoubtedly, this simple test developed by an everyday teenager puts all cancer research companies to shame.

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