10 Tricks That Will Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

Good looks do not always have to include expensive clothes. Another important thing despite decent dressing according to the situations and your posture.


It is largely determined by the shoes you wear, so it is good to make them as comfortable as possible.

Here are 10 ways how you can make comfortable shoes:

  1. Put enveloped deodorant in newspapers to spread the boots.


  1. The shoes that are not used yet, overnight put them in the freezer with bags filled with water and you will spread them.


  1. Make water resistant shoes with wax.

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  1. When wearing heels, it’s best middle and penultimate finger to stick them with stick-on tape.


  1. You can get rid of odors putting tea bags in your shoes.


  1. Sticking plaster on shoes to avoid the appearance of corn on foot.


  1. Put a piece of material with a texture to not slide your heels.


  1. If it is damaged the back of the shoes, add a piece of material.


  1. Wear wool socks and then put on your shoes. With the blower blow those parts that you tighten and shoes will spread.


  1. Put the plastic on the back of the shoes so it will do not fold.


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