10 Minutes Fat Burning Circuit – Home Edition (VIDEO)

What up Everybody,

It’s Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts and today I want to talk to you about circuit training. Have you ever had a weekend where you eat way too much food and you start the week thinking “Man, I really gotta burn all that off…”? Haha, I just had a weekend like that so if you’re like me and have the occasional cheat, I’ve got the workout for you! So, write this down or follow along with me today because it’s workouts like this one today that will keep one track and help you to get the body of your dreams even when life gets in the way and you find yourself cheating on your diet.

Workout Breakdown:
5 Exercises / 30 Seconds Each / 3 Rounds / Rest 30 – 60 Seconds (minimal)

#1) Bur-Pees
#2) Alternating Front Kicks
#3) Alternating Crescent Lunge
#4) Push Ups
#5) Mountain Climbers

You ready for this? Watch the first round to make sure that you have the correct form down, then start the video over and do the whole thing with me! There’s no equipment needed for this one, so there’s no excuses… you can do this at home first thing in the morning for optimal fat burning.

Let’s Go:

Video Breakdown:
Round 1 –
3:51 #1) Burpees
4:21 #2) Alt front Kicks
4:51 #3) Alt Crescent Lunges
5:21 #4) Push Ups
5:51 #5) Mountain Climbers
6:21 REST

You think you got it? If you did Round 1 with me, let’s keep going, if you just watched that first part then start over and do this with me! You’ll thank yourself – I promise!

6:51 Round 2
9:51 Round 3

Great job out there guys, this was a tough one! Remember, this one needed no equipment and will only take you a max of 10 minutes to do! No Excuses! This is BEST way to burn off those extra calories, especially now during the holiday season – Start the day off right!

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