10 Makeup Tips And Tricks That Are Worth Knowing

Women invest a lot of time in the daily rituals that will make them look more beautiful. To save the time provided for makeup, we offer you some tips and tricks from the makeup experts who know every detail from their profession and they do not hesitate to share some of their professional secrets.





  • If you do not want lipstick on your teeth, brush them with Vaseline.

Brush the front teeth of the upper jaw with Vaseline to prevent the residue of the lipstick to finish on them. This is an old Hollywood trick of the 40s, which is used to this day.


  • When you are tired and you have red eyes, use eye drops.

The drops will eliminate the red color from your eyes. There is nothing more beautiful and tempting the “clean” eyes.




  • Blue shadows are not for blue eyes.

If you’re lucky enough to have blue eyes, do not use blue shadows, because they will destroy the natural eye color.


  • For longer and thicker eyelashes, apply powder before you make-up your eyes.

With large powder brush apply powder on eyelids before you start with makeup. You will not only create an ideal background for eye shadows to be fixed for a longer time, but you will make your eyelashes look more beautiful. The powder that will last on your eyelashes, along with mascara will form a paste that will increase the volume and will visually stretch your eyelashes.


  • Under your eyebrows put beige eye shadow, so your eyes would look bigger and more open.

Whenever your eyes look tired, instantly you can wake them up with the application of white or beige eye shadow under the brow area. This trick will get your eyes look bigger and more open, because that will create the illusion of a small lifting of the eyebrows.


  • Black eye shadows should not be used outside of the eyelid.

Black eye shadow is advisable to be rub on the upper eyelid and to outline under the eyes, and should never be used over the upper eyelid, or under the eyebrows, because it will create a chaotic appearance.


  • Test your new lipstick shade on your fingertips.

Want to know how will a new lipstick shade look on you? Apply it on the tip of a finger. That area of your hand has a closest color and texture to your lips so you will easily find out if that color is suitable for you.




  • Apply a little blush on your temples.

Makeup artists agree – the blush is “must-have” for a complete look. Besides the fact that it should highlight the temples on your face, for more natural look you can apply a little blush on your temples. You do not know where to apply blush on your cheeks? Tilt your head down for 30 seconds, slowly look up and notice immediately which places of your cheeks crimson. Another rule is to smile. You will notice the parts of your face which you have to highlight with blush.


  • For perfect outline with eyeliner, first mark the wanted line with dashed lines.

With eye pencil mark the wanted line with a few short dashed lines. Start from the outer corner from your eye and mark closer to the eyelashes. Then, connect the short lines with liquid eyeliner. This will minimize the chances of error.


  • If you do not have eyeliner, apply black or dark eye shadow with a damp brush.

You don’t have eyeliner? Moisten the tips of a thin makeup brush with water, and then rub in the eye shadow. You will notice that the color of the eye shadow is more intense – ideal for outline your eyes.

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