10 Chinese Food You Must Avoid Because They Are Full Of Pesticides, Plastic And Cancer-Causing Chemicals

A great part of imported food in the USA comes from China. The reason why there’s a necessity to import some foods when the USA has plenty enough is mainly because Chinese food is cheaper. BUT, it some of it can put your health in grave danger.

Here are the top 10 foods from China that you must avoid at any cost!

  1. Tilapia Fish

Up to 80% of this fish comes from China. This fish will eat almost anything (similar like the pigs) and thrives in polluted Chinese waters. Moreover, no one knows for sure what this fish is fed with. One study even suggested that Tilapia fish is unhealthier than bacon.

  1. Cod fish

Another type of fish that comes from polluted Chinese waters. 50% of cod fish in America comes from China.

  1. Apple Juice

50% of the apple juice in the U.S is imported from China. China is famous for treating its fruits and vegetables with a lot of pesticides and for adding toxins in their products. So, if you crave for an apple juice, buy some organic apples and prepare a homemade juice.

  1. Processed Mushrooms

Roughly 35% of the US’s processed mushrooms come from China and it’s the same case as with the apple juice. Nobody knows how these mushrooms are grown, so you better buy local mushrooms from a trusted place.

  1. Chinese Garlic

Same goes for the garlic. More than 30% of the garlic found in American stores comes from China and contains many harmful pesticides like methyl bromide. Mind you, garlic is not that hard to be grown at home, so either start growing it, or buy it from a trusted store that sells organic food.

  1. Chicken

When it comes to chicken, go back to point 1 and 2 where we talk about the fish. It’s the same story. Moreover, China is plagued with foodborn illnesses.

  1. Plastic Rice

Believe it or not, there were reports saying that China is shipping PLASTIC rice! People who purchased it unknowingly what they paid for, noticed that after they cooked the rice it was still hard. Even thoug some suggest that this rice is made from resin and potatoes, people firmly believe that they’ve been sold plastic rice.

  1. Black Pepper Mud

Yet another scandal linked to Chinese imported food. Namely, a Chinese vendor was caught selling mud as black pepper! Even though this was an isolated case, be very careful from where you purchase black pepper.

  1. Industrial Salt

This salt can lead to hypertension, stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure.

  1. Green Peas

Because the plastic rice wasn’t enough to shock the American people, fake green peas have been reported. It is believed that these Chinese imported peas are actually soy beans dyed with green paint! People who tried to cook them reported that the ‘peas’ were still hard after cooking and that the water turned green. If you don’t eat paint on regular basis, then buy your green peas at a local organic food store.

Source: www.healthyfoodstar.com

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