10-20-30: The Training That Takes Only 12 Minutes And The Results Are Excellent

If motivation is the key to success, then intensive trainings are successful only if you are sufficiently motivated. It is a training that did not take very long period of time, but for that short time achieved great results. One of these training is called 10-20-30 training workout. What is actually this?2-10-20-30-trening-koj-odzema-12-minuti-a-rezultatite-se-odlichni-www.kafepauza.mk_

This training can cover all types of cardio, whether it comes to running, cycling or rowing. First, any of these exercises are done for 30 seconds at a moderate speed, then it follows accelerating pace in 20 seconds, while the last 10 seconds of exercise do with utmost speed.

The exercises in the interval 10-20-30 repeated 5 times in a row, after the 5th minute make a pause of 2 minutes to return the heartbeat to normal. After that same event is repeated once more, for 5 minutes, so that the entire training takes 12 minutes of your time.

About how this training useful for men and women showed numerous studies, so do not miss to try this type of training next time you decide to exercise.


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