This is What 1 Tablespoon Of Coconut Oil Does To Your Heart And Waistline In No Time

A recent study has shown that by consuming only a tablespoon of coconut oil you can speed up the process of weight loss and improve your heart health.

This discovery is especially important for overweight people and those who suffer from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, because these health problems cannot be treated with conventional medicine.

Firstly, this oil was thought to be bad for the health because of its richness in fatty acids because it was believed that they are the same as the synthetic fatty acids found in margarine, when in reality coconut oil fatty acids are actually great for the cognitive functions.

The main goal of this study was to evaluate the effects of a treatment based on extra virgin coconut oil, or to be more precise, to study the relation between the consumption of this oil and the HDL cholesterol levels, as well as various anthropometric evaluations.

People from 55 to 69 years (64% men) participated in this study. All of the subjects suffered from high blood pressure, while only 5% didn’t have blood lipid profiles, which indicated the presence of dyslipidemia. They were all given meds for lowering cholesterol levels.

The first three months of the study, 136 participants ate only one standardized diet. After some time, only 116 of them were able to end the first stage and were divided in 2 groups.

The first group contained 22 of the participants and they continued with the same diet, while the other 94 from the second group was given a slightly different diet that included a teaspoon, 13 ml or 0.43 ounces, of extra virgin coconut oil on a daily basis.

After three months of this trial, it was learned that the group that consumed coconut oil experienced a reduction of all six parameters that were evaluated in the study.

  • Weight – 0.6 kilos or 1.300 pounds
  • Waist Circumference – about 2.1 cm or 0.8 inch
  • BMS or Body-Mass index – 0.2 per square meter
  • Neck Perimeter – about 4 cm or 1.5 inches
  • Systolic Blood Pressure – 3.3 points
  • Diastolic Blood Pressure – 3.5 points

More importantly, their HDL cholesterol levels have increased.

Overall, the study showed how important non-pharmacological interventions are in managing and controlling risk factors in secondary prevention among patients suffering from coronary diseases. Scientists also discovered that a diet rich in extra virgin coconut oil results in gradual rise of the HDL-C concentrations, as well as a waist circumference reduction.

It’s been shown that pharmaceutical meds that should increase the HDL cholesterol levels actually have no effect and even endanger the health of the patient.

Like for example, patients who suffer from extremely low level of HDL-C and use statins do not show any improvement.

A study from 8 years ago published in Circulation journal states that abdominal obesity is the lead cause of heart attacks followed by abnormal lipids and smoking.

That’s why to prevent a heart disease and reduce risk of cardiovascular issues, one should practice a diet that will naturally elevate the HDL-C cholesterol levels and stabilize the waist circumference and Body Mass Index.

Another study showed that coconut oil is very powerful in treating Alzheimer’s. In fact, the patients who consumed one dose of medium chain triglycerides showed increased cognitive functions in just few hours after the consumption.

This is why you should always do some researches about the advantages of using coconut oil and other natural methods of increasing HDL cholesterol.

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