Why Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Replace Painkillers In Sports???

We are not used to think of Cannabis when we talk about sports. But it seems that the times are changing. Some athletes prefer to use medical- cannabis than the “traditional” painkillers and creams.

The problems that often come with these conventional products are more than the solutions they suppose to offer. Their side effects and the way they work make more and more people to have second thoughts and start trying more effective solutions to their needs. Let’s not forget that athletes push every day their bodies to their limits. They often have to face discomfort and  muscle stiffness. Parts of their body feel a general soreness. That is the reason that causes also sometimes poor sleep.

As cannabis is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known for those people could be the answer. Science has found that pain can be cured by CBD oil  (Cannabidiol). CBD is a chemical compound that is non-psychoactive(so you do not have to worry of getting “high” from it) that just calms and relaxes the part of the body that suffers from pain.

Our bodies  contain CBD receptors and produce CBD naturally. When a cream that contains CBD gets applied to an area that is injured, our organism starts working to that particular area in order to heal it..When CBD is used externally makes the skin smooth and provides anti-fungal relief. Cannabis balms have a silky texture and gets quickly and easily received by the skin. The relief can sometimes last as long as 8-10 hours.

The advantage of Cannabis-infused topicals used by sportsmen is that they have a different way of healing the pain than the products that contain camphor and menthol.

While these creams try to “cheat” your body from dealing with pain the Cannabinoids have the ability to cooperate and activate our receptors in order to solve the problem and provide true relief from pain.

As we said before, times are changing. Nowadays, even WADA(the World Anti-Doping Agency) has, some years ago, made cannabis one of the substances that are “tolerated” in a way. Needless to mention how big is the problem of addiction from painkillers in the U.S.

For all those athletes that for years were daily suffering from pain, this alternative solution sounds like the definitely way to go. Cannabis is a much more natural pain reliever.

Another advantage of CBD is the anti-inflammatory benefits. The aches and pains athletes experience are the result of inflammation in muscles. It’s important that these small injuries to be  healed right after their workout . After a hard day’s workout using the lotion as part of a sports massage, is considered one of the most common ways for someone that wants his muscles recovered. Moreover it takes effect quickly, in a few minutes.

Studies have demonstrated CBD’s effectiveness in relieving pain, convulsions, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea;

Not only CBD heals inflammation but also controls chronic pain and muscle spasms and  also regulates the endocrine system. Additionally improves the healing speed after concussive injuries and makes pain more tolerable.

Cannabis, when paired with sports can support the athletic experience in positive ways. That is the reason. The last years athletic organizations such as the NFL have started reconsidering the benefits that might gain the players from Cannabis use.

Topicals are a great way to introduce medical cannabis into somebody who suffered a lot from pain and painkillers.