(VIDEO) His Son Got Cancer, He Went Into Surgery, And His Father Did Something Shocking!

One of the most terrible news one can receive in their lifetime is a cancer diagnosis. It’s even worse when that someone is your own child.

Like many parents would do, Patrick Guinanu never gave up when his 8-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer.

It started when Patrick noticed that scabs wouldn’t heal on an injury on his son’s hand.

After several biopsies and having a number of experts in several clinics trying to solve the mystery, the dreadful diagnosis was set.

His little boy underwent an urgent surgery and Patrick managed to film everything that was happening. The video below shows a combination of tissues, muscles and capillaries of his son’s hand. Patrick uploaded the video for others to see how the hand actually works.

Many people find the video disturbing and graphic, but Patrick’s idea was that everyone who suffers from this disease would ease their pains, in a way that someone considers to be interesting. He wanted to show the world that cancer isn’t necessarily a deadly disease and that it can be overcome.  His son is doing well and is completely cured!

Source: www.cancerremedies.net