If your hair is cool, then your clothing doesn’t matter. This slogan is public opinion which is more of a used by the female population because for them the hairstyle is perhaps the most important detail of the woman’s physical appearance; for men on the other side, even if they go bold, this is acceptable and considered as a normal thing. While people with lush hair try to tame the hair locks not to look like they just got out of bed, others with hair loss problems struggle to hide their rare hair. To mask the problem, people often go for different ways like special hair combing style or purchasing artificial locks or wigs. Some in despair tend to put anything on their head in order to prevent hair loss, not even understanding the consequences..

When people are desperate, they try to find different ways to do something with their hair. They put olive oil, garlic, and some go that far that they sleep in a specific position, usually on the belly with the face stubbed in the pillow or they wear protective net on the head hoping that it would prevent hair from falling. There are some extreme trials for hair growth stimulation with various mixes of acid and garlic products after what they end up with wounds and burns on the head. Some cut the hair to the skin believing that it would make hair thicker, which is just an illusion”, says Dr. Andrej Petrov from the “Acibadem-Sistina” clinic, who further notes on the various tragicomic cases that he encounters every day in his ordination. He adds that the hair loss is very often represented in the dermatologic practice and that there is no day in the hospital without at least one case for consultation and/or assistance on this topic.

Whilst some nostrums seem to have worked, others might be quite dangerous to the people’s health. “Garlic is an example for a useful people medicine, and a lot of medicaments are made of garlic basis. We, the doctors, strongly recommend it. On the other side, the use of various nostrums and acids might be very dangerous and could cause serious consequences from burns to poisoning. These consequences might cause side effects like total toxic hair loss”, the dermatovenerologist Petrov explains.

He states categorically that if the hair loss process starts, it cannot be stopped. Especially if the reasons are genetic or hormonal, even though Dr. Petrov says that hair loss can be caused by immune system disorder as infections or inflammations, or as a side effect of using some drugs. “Most common reason for hair loss actually is the hormonal stimulation which is genetic. Androgens or male hormones tie up to the surface of the hair, special receptors called 5 Alpha reductase type 2, mainly to the permanent hair. Thereby miniaturization (reduction) of the hair follicle occurs to both men and women, which is practically its extinction. This type of hair loss can be successfully treated to both men and women. This is important to emphasize because there are some types of hair loss which have immune system nature (Alopetia Areata) which are hard to treat, because the root cause is unclear”, Petrov explains.

To prevent hair fall or to regenerate hair, one of the most effective treatment methods is transplanting of hair with the FUE method, which is especially recommended for hormonal stimulated hair loss. “This is proven to be a successful method. With FUE method actually hair is displaced from one to another spot of the head of the same patient, which later cannot be lost because the specific receptor 5 Alpha Reductase bonding places for the androgen hormones is missing its surface”, Dr. Petrov explains the hair transplantation.

To have a successfully applied method and to have hair transplantation, Dr. Petrov says that there has to be a possibility to get hair from the so called donor area from the back of the head. “At birth people have around 5 million follicles of hair. There are three types of hair. Terminal hair on the head, at armpits and on the beard are under influence of the androgen hormones. The potential hair transplantation candidate has to have enough hair at the back of head which would be displaced to the bold head area, and at the same time not to disrupt the appearance of this part of the hair. Ideal age for hair transplantation is 25 to 35 years, even though there are some cases with 18 and 75 years old patients”, Petrov adds.

The advantage of this method compared to other hair transplantation treatments, as Dr. Petrov underlines, is that with FUE method there is no postoperative scar. The wound in the donor area is completely recovered after 7 to 10 days. Besides, the intervention is totally painless because it’s done with local anesthesia. “The method is executed in a way that by using a mechanical rotary pin (smaller than 1mm) the hair is taken out from the back of the head. Then by using a special punch-instrument, holes are made in the area of hair transplantation, usually in the front of the head, where the hair is imprinted. Transplanted hair has lifecycle of 6 months, after what it falls and a new natural terminal hair grows from the same spots with lifecycle of 2 to 4 years, just like the rest of the regular hair. With this method can be achieved the desired hair density of 50-60 follicle units per one centimeter. Intervention is completed in 5 hours”, Dr. Petrov explains.

This method is applicable for the female population too. However, Dr. Petrov warns, because of the period needed for growth of hair to the usual length, discomfort is bigger for women.

“The most popular method that we do for women at this moment is PRP – use of plasma rich with thrombocytes which in a specific way is injected in the capillitium, and is used for hair growth stimulation”, the “Acibadem-Sistina” dermatovenerologist adds.


Falling of 100 hair fibers a day is normal

50 to 100 hair fibers fall every day. That’s normal. Especially occurring in August and September. But, if the hair fall is intensive and that implies significant thinning of the hair fibers and causing baldness, a medical advice from a dermatologist has to be requested.

Men suffer more than women

Androgenetic alopecia, as hair fall is medically named, appears at 30 percent of men at age above 30 and 50 percent of men above 50 years of age. Among women, 6 to 12 percent at age of 20 to 30 suffer hair fall, and 55 percent at age above 70.

“Even that it’s concerning both genders, however more often it appears among men. When it is a case among women, there are serious psychological consequences. This is due to the fact that unlike men’s baldness which is considered as normal, hair loss among women can be followed by bigger problems in the everyday living and communication with the environment”, Dr. Petrov underlines.


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If your hair is cool, then your clothing doesn't matter. This slogan is public opinion which is more of a used by the female population because for them the hairstyle is perhaps the most important detail of the woman's physical appearance; for men on the other side, even if...