The Smartphone’s Light Affects the Brain and Body (INFOGRAPHIC)

Most of you are aware that smartphones emit blue light that allows you to read clearly on the screen even in the sunniest days.

This light is also emitted by laptops, TV and other gadgets too, and confuses the brain into thinking that it is day outside even when it is night. This causes the brain to stop releasing melatonin which is important for a goodnight sleep. That’s why it is highly advisable to remove every electronic or stop using them few hours before bed.

According to experts, the blue light insomnia is caused by a photoreceptor named Melanopsin. The Melanopsin was just recently discovered in the retina ganglion cells that react to the blue light.

This mostly affects teenagers, because they are more sensitive to this light than adults. This is because the circadian rhythm shifts in adolescent years and makes teenagers be more awake.

Dr. Martin Blank from the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics Colombia University and a group of experts appealed to the UN about these dangers of electromagnetic radiation from phones or Wifi.

Ever since these technologies advanced, there had been many concerns surrounding them, one of which states that these devices can be even cancer causing. The brain of a child gets 4 more times radiation than an adult, yet many kids have electronics near them.

In China, being addicted to electronics is considered a clinical disorder. This opened many rehab centers for young people where they are isolated from any type of electronics. This is yet to be proven if it works.

It is very important to limit the usage before sleeping and turn off everything before bed. You can also download the f.lux that alters the screen’s display to be warm at night and bright during day so the blue light does not impact you as much.