The Simple Food That Fights Lung Cancer

Noni plant (Morinda citrifolia) has been used in the Polynesian culture for many years for treating various ailments and over the past decade it’s become available overseas, so now you can easily purchase it.

Even though it didn’t have breakthrough fame, scientists are interested in it. According to a study conducted by the Institute of Bioscience at University Putra, Malaysia, this little plant could be way more effective than the commercial drugs used in treating lung cancer.

The researchers divided the study in two stages. The first stage tested Noni leaves effects on developing lung cancer. They injected both human and mouse cell model with Noni leaves extract.

This is what the report read:

“[…] inhibited the proliferation and induced apoptosis [programmed cell death] in A549 cells (IC50 = 23.47 μg/mL) and mouse Lewis (LL2) lung carcinoma cells (IC50 = 5.50 μg/mL) in vitro, arrested cancer cell cycle at G0/G1 phases and significantly increased caspase-3/-8 without changing caspase-9 levels.”

In simpler words, the plant gave results of being as powerful as chemotherapy drug, but with one major advantage over chemo: the extract didn’t affect the healthy cells, in fact it even strengthen them making the body more able to fight the disease.

The second stage was conducted only on mice in order to test the effects on a living organism. The mice were divided in two groups. The first one was given 300 mg/kg of Noni leaves, and the other half was given 50 mg/kg of the commonly used chemotherapy drug Erlotinib for 21 days. They increased the dosage of Noni leaves in comparison with Erlotinib because 50% of rodents given a dosage of 1000mg/kg of Erlotinib die as a result of poisoning, compared with 0% of those given the same dosage of the plant.

After 21 days, the results showed that the goup of mice that was treated with the herbal extract were found to have fewer cancer cells than those who had been treated with the drug, or as the report read ‘the 300 mg/kg extract was more effective than the 50 mg/kg Erlotinib.’

Moreover, Noni leaves treatment would cost about $0.12! Who would’ve thought that a small and ordinary plant from the volcanic slopes of South-East Asia could be the cure that humanity has been looking for for ages?