The Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves You Didn’t Know About!

Here are the amazing health benefits of guava leaves! From promoting weight loss to aiding in cancer treatments!

Guava leaves are known for their numerous health benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. Help with weight loss

In order to lose weight, carbs must be broken down in the lover and these leaves prevent the transition of carbohydrates to usable compounds.

  1. Helps diabetics

The Yakult Central Institute in Japan conducted a study according to which guava leaf tea can effectively lower blood glucose in diabetics by reducing the alpha-glucosidease enzyme activity. What’s more, the tea prevents the absorption of sucrose and maltose by the body, thus lowering blood sugar levels. Drinking guava leaf tea for 12 weeks lowers the blood sugar levels without increasing insulin production.

  1. Lower cholesterol

According to researchers, drinking guava leaf tea for 3 months can decrease LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides without any adverse effect on good cholesterol.

  1. Improve immunity

Thanks to their high vitamin C levels, guava leaves are great for your immune system. They also act anti-inflammatory and have the ability to inhibit inflammatory molecules like prostaglandins.

You should consume one guava daily to develop resistance against common diseases like coughs, colds and the flu. You can also enjoy guava in smoothies or salads, or drink a cup of tea made from guava leaves daily.

  1. Lowers cancer risk

Lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C and various polyphenols give guava its anti-cancer properties. These compounds neutralize the damage done by free-radicals.

The journal Nutrition and Cancer published a 2010 study according to which guava extract could help reduce the size of prostate tumors. This means that regular consumption of guava extract can help reduce the incidence of prostate cancer in men, as well as prevent other types of cancer, including breast, mouth, skin, stomach, colon and lung cancer.

  1. Helps with dengue fever

Guava leaves are considered a natural remedy for dengue fever. This is due to the ability of guava leaf extract to increase the number of platelets in the blood.

Boil 9 guava leaves in 5 cups of water until 3 cups of water are left. Strain and cool the liquid and consume thrice a day.

  1. Help with allergies

Guava leaves prevent the release of histamine and the compounds found in guava leaves are effective in blocking all allergic reactions.

  1. Great for the skin

We mentioned that guava fights free radicals. This also means that guava can help with wrinkled and saggy skin, dryness and a dull complexion. Moreover, the vitamin C in guava stimulates production of collagen and elastin, the structural proteins that help keep your skin firm and elastic.

Furthermore, the astringent properties in unripe guava and the guava leaves improve the skin texture, protect it from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and prevent problems like acne and pimples.