Shocking Health Benefits of Corn Silk that You Didn’t Know! (Must Know)

When it comes to eating corn, we only eat the corncub and throw away the other parts. But, once you read this article, you will never throw out the corn silk again!

Apparently, corn silk offers various health benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Prevents Kidney Stones

During ancient times, corn silk has been used to prevent kidney stones. But, it does not help in the removal of the already formed stone.

  • Assists in blood clotting

Since it contains vitamin K, corn silk can help with blood clotting, preventing you from losing excess blood when you get hurt.

  • Controls blood sugar

Many recent studies show that corn silk contains an agent that controls the blood sugar levels by increasing insulin levels and helping with the reparation of damaged cells in the pancreas, where insulin is produced.

  • Control cholesterol

It also controls cholesterol levels. When these levels are too high, it can lead to heart diseases.

  • Diuretic properties

Thanks to these properties you will be able to expel excessive fluids and toxins out of your body, thus preventing the risk of cardiovascular disease and Urinary tract infecting (UTI).

How To Consume Corn Silk?

You cannot just eat the corn silk. In order to enjoy its health benefits, you must add it in boiling water. You can consume the liquid either hot or cold, and you can also add lemon juice to improve the taste. You can also put corn silk in a jar full of water and keep the jar under sun direct sunlight for a day. In the evening, add some honey and drink up. Make sure you consume corn silk from organically grown corn.

Note: Do not consume it in excess. Consult your doctor before using corn silk if you are pregnant as it might lead to miscarriage.