Now It’s Proven! Incense Exterminate Cancer Cells!

More recently incense can be turned into cancer medicine. Incense is a drug that successfully exterminate the cancer cells. A team of scientists from the University of Leicester have come to the conclusion that scented wood resin (incense), which are used in religious ceremonies is a great cure for ovarian cancer.

The researchers found that the chemicals contained in incense successfully destroy malignant tumors.

“The Daily Mail” notes that often ovarian cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage, when it is too late to help. For this reason the disease is among the most lethal gynecological cancers. Statistics show that this evil disease ranked fifth on the list with the agents of death among representatives of the female and is a leading cause of death among malignant diseases.

While scientists still wander through a maze looking for an easy cure for cancer traitorous, then the Bulgarian market already has a product that is proven in the treatment of cancer and that product is vitamin b17-kompleks.

In a capsule of this magical vitamin contained a number of useful ingredients that will help you get difficult battle with cancer.

Incense is a proven anti-inflammatory properties, which gives hope to scientists that can really prove to be a miraculous cure insidious ovarian cancer. In addition, the incense can heal festering wounds and difficult, and the smoke of incense is a powerful antidepressant effect, the scientists argue.

As to the insidious cancer however, vitamin b17-kompleks remains the surest way to win the difficult battle with him.