Never Let People Kiss Your Baby’s Lips! Here Is Why…

For every parent, the child’s health comes before everything else.

Kids are prone to colds, coughs, flu, chicken pox, etc, because their immune system is still forming. Even though you might think that a simple cough is not a solid reason not to bring your child in kindergarten, you are wrong.

If your kid is ill, even a little bit with a simple cold, do not send them over for play dates or in kindergarten. The germs are easily spread among children and even adults can get sick together with their kids.

If you ever think that moms are paranoid for quickly rushing to the hospital with their baby wrapped in a blanked after they get even a simple cold, then wait until you read about Claire Henderson’s story.

Claire Henderson is a mom from the UK. When her beautiful baby girl Brooke got kissed on the mouth, she spent 5 days in hospital with herpes on the cheeks, lips and chin. Although cold sores can be fatal for newborns under 3 months, Brooke was lucky to recover. Unfortunately, a year before, Queensland baby Eloise Lampton died of it days after the birth.

So, do not let people kiss your baby on the lips under any circumstances! Even if the person looks healthy. And If someone has cold sore, let them know to keep the distance.

But, the question is, who in their right mind go to visit an innocent, healthy, fragile newborn knowing that they are sick? People need to know that the first 6 weeks the baby has no immunity for the germs that we carry daily. So, an ordinary cold for you is a deadly disease for the poor being.

In some countries, it is customary to wait for the baby to turn 6 weeks before you visit them. Even though this is considered as an old wives’ tales, this is the scientific reason behind it.