National Cancer Institute Quietly Confirms That THIS Plant Treats Cancer

The National Cancer Association was very quiet when admitting that cancer is able to fight cancer and treat many other diseases.

According to studies conducted on rats and mice, cannabinoids can inhibit tumor growth. Moreover, they eliminate cancer cells without affecting the healthy ones.

While news like these should be on front covers, they are selfishly kept away from the public. Patients waste tons of money on useless and toxic medications that do more damage than good, and don’t guarantee a success.

Still, the DEA classifies marijuana as a Schedule One substance, just above cocaine!

First of all, cannabis is way cheaper than many other medications. But, professionals prefer to regard it as a drug that fits a certain stereotype. But, the main reason why cannabis is rejected as a safe and a useful treatment is because it will cost the pharmaceutical companies millions.

Yes, cancer is a billion dollar industry earning over USD 100 billion a year from the treatments it sells to cancer patients. They can’t and won’t allow a natural simple herb to destroy their wealth.