Learn How this Woman Saved Her Husband from Alzheimer’s by Giving Him This…

Alzheimer’s is one of the most feared diseases of the modern day society. Many scientists are fighting to find a way to either prevent it or reverse it, and according to Mary T. Newport’s story, she found the solution.

Mary is a pediatrician who dealt with her husband’s illness during the 50s. Her husband Steve was suffering from dementia five years prior he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

He couldn’t do everyday tasks and ordinary things like holding cutlery, he was confused and often forget to give messages to his wife and then remember them few days later. Steve’s parietal and frontal lobes and hippocampus too (and amygdala as well) were really atrophied greatly damaged. His short term memory was wiped and he would create new info in his brain later after some days.

His doctors prescribed him medications but they didn’t show any signs of improvement. He lost a lot of weight and was depressed. His motion got restricted and he had many tremors too. That’s when his wife decided to take action.

Upon searching, she came across the drug called Ketasyn AC 1202 which namely stopped the Alzheimer’s stages in just 3 months after taking. When she researched more about the drug, she learned that the main component is triglyceride oil, which is basically coconut oil, so she bought some from the store.

The dosage she gave him was 2 spoons full everyday 2 times per day. After two months, the tremors were gone and after a year, Steve could recognize faces and even spoke with the family.

Why coconut oil worked?

Our brain requires food and 60% of glucose of food goes to the brain. But, due to hypometabolism or bad cognition work, the brain does not get every part of the glucose it needs. The byproducts or ketones of fat breakdown are a good option for the brain because they nourish the neurons and nerves after some brain damage. Ketones could save those neurons that do not absorb the glucose due to resistance to insulin.

97% of fats we ingest are long chain triglyceride and have the 18 carbons. A medium chain is of 6-12 carbons.

Coconut oil can also help in cases of Parkinson’s, drug related epilepsy and diabetes, and even multiple sclerosis.

According to a 2004 study of the Neurobiology of Aging, coconut oil improves cognition and memory. The study was conducted on 20 people who received placebos and coconut too. After hour and a half, those with coconut stated to have more beta-hydroxybutyrate beta OHB, the most powerful ketone.

Before they did the examination and their blood testing, the participants all fasted, and also after 90 min of the coconut method and the cognition test, again. 40 ml was the average dose.

Both Dr. Mercola and Dr. David Perlmutter agree that fasting combined with coconut oil increases the glycogen levels in the liver. It also eliminates extra fat deposits and you get to the keto stage easily. This also means you can lose weight without experiencing negative side effects.