How to Massage Your Fingers to Get Rid of Cold, Sore Throat, Relieve Headache & Pain in the Sinuses

You don’t need to spend a fortune in expensive spa centers in order to expel the dtress from your body. All you need to do is take a little time at home and dedicate it to practicing the ancient art of acupressure. This method can relieve stress, and prevent and alleviate numerous ailments, including flu and colds.

Today we will teach you how to utilize this method, i.e. how to apply pressure on a certain area of ​​the hand and alleviate sore throat, cough, runny nose and pain.

Acupressure, unlike acupuncture, covers the entire surface and has a stimulating effect on the entire body.

First thing you need to do is relax. Make sure you’re comfortable in a chair or armchair, but do not cross your legs. You breaths should be even. Then, warm up your hands well by rubbing them together for about a minute, in order to increase the energy and make them more sensitive. Grasp the opposite hand and place your hands on your thighs and then start stimulating the desired acupuncture point. If you start feeling pain, then inhale and exhale slowly and deeply.


In order to stimulate the nose and the throat, massage the first section of the tip of your thumb. This will relieve respiratory problems and difficulties swallowing, nasal congestion and cough.

Sore throat (pharyngitis and laryngitis)

To relive sore throat, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness and other symptoms, stimulate the lower part of the thumb.

Pain in the sinuses and sinusitis

The tips of all four fingers except the thumb contain the points that correspond to sinus cavities. Massage these points in order to relieve pain in the sinuses, headache, dizziness, feeling of pressure in the head, stuffy nose and difficulty breathing. It also stimulates the secretion of mucus.


Press the pads of all fingers. This will relieve the muscle pain and give you a relaxing and soothing effect.

To stimulate the lymphatic system, gently massage the delicate skin between the toes.

Acupressure provides you:

  • Prevention
  • Diagnostic effect
  • Therapeutic effect

Most important thing is that acupressure relieves tension, relaxes your entire body and restores your body balance. The general state of the organism improves greatly, because the massage stimulates circulation and oxygen flow, which further stimulates the creation of lymph. Acupressure also stimulates the excretion of substances in the body that trigger pain.

It eliminates any blockages in the flow of life energy, helping the body start a self-healing process.