Doctors Are Warning: If You Use Aluminum Foil, Stop It Right Now and this is The Reason Why (VIDEO)

Aluminum foil can be found in everyone’s kitchen and is mostly used to wrap some leftovers or even treat common ailments. But, a recent study warns that aluminum foil can be dangerous to our health.

Aluminum is a known neurotoxic heavy metal that has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Furthermore, medical experts warn that cooking with aluminum foil affects the bones because aluminum accumulates inside the bones and takes the space of calcium, thus reducing its levels.

According to researchers, there is a link between cooking with aluminum foil with pulmonary fibrosis and other respiratory issues that are caused by inhaling aluminum particles. Same goes with grilling with aluminum.

Many people don’t know that when aluminum foil is exposed to high temperatures, it emits parts of the metal into the food, and the heavy metal might leech in it.

When Dr. Essam Zubaidy, a chemical engineering researcher at the American University of Sharjah evaluated the effects of aluminum on cooking, he found that a meal cooked in aluminum foil can include up to 400mg of aluminum.

This means that “The higher the temperature, the more the leaching. Foil is not suitable for cooking and is not suitable for using with vegetables like tomatoes, citrus juice or spices.”

The World Health Organization states that the RDA (recommended daily allowance) for aluminum is limited to 60mg daily.